Dystopian Cities: How The Tyranny of Specialists Destroy African Cities
$17eBook: $9.99
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tags: Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Studies
Publisher: African Urban Institute Press
Publication Year: October 29, 2019
Format: Hardback, Paperback, eBook
Length: 248 pages
ISBN: 9781779068873

In Dystopian Cities, Archimedes Muzenda reveals the destruction specialist planning has caused in cities across Africa. He reveals the extent of spatial atrocities perpetrated by specialists on urban societies. In doing so, Muzenda set a basis for specialists to find one other if they are to create prosperous, sustainable, and just cities; cities that are liveable.

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About the Book

A revelation of the spatial atrocities committed by specialists in development of African cities.

For more than fifty centuries, cities were planned and developed by generalists. The town planners were Jacks of all trades yet masters of none. In the last fifty years however, this all changed. Town planning dismantled into various specialists – masters of a single trade. Traffic engineers, urban environmentalists, modernist architects, town planning regulators, Marxist and postmodern scholars . As these specialists focus on their specialities, governed by ideological loyalty and possessiveness, they work in isolations a practice that is pushing African cities off the cliff.

In Dystopian Cities Archimedes Muzenda reveals the destruction that specialists are creating in cities across Africa. He reveals how the tyrannical nature of specialists is creating fragmented cities. How the spatial atrocities committed by specialists are turning African cities into a dystopian state. In doing so, Muzenda sets basis for specialists to find one another if they are to create prosperous, sustainable and just cities – cities that are liveable.

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About the Author
Archimedes Muzenda

Archimedes Muzenda is an urban planner and researcher known for his comparative work on urbanisation in Africa in relation to Europe and North America. He works with various cities across Africa supporting their urban development efforts. Archimedes is a senior research associate at the African Urban Institute.

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